Suydam & Sons General Contractor / Earth Works & Earth Products.

Well we are in the middle of summer. Hot humid days, and rainy days.  But we are Loving it.  Remember our facility is customer friendly retail facility.  

Need loam, mulch, or compost  ?  We have and we can deliver or you can come and pick it up

Our Motto says it all: "There's No Sustitution for Quality."   Our work and the products we sell are second to none.

   We are located at 642 Atlantic Hwy in Northport, Me.;  directly across from Wentworth's Market.

Telephone:  338-5399

Hours: Monday thru Friday  8:00am - 3:30pm
Have a project you want done or need advice ?

   Give us a call Bill (owner)  or Tom (office Manager)  will be glad to assist you.
Suydam & Sons

Loam, Nutri-Mulch, Compost, Gro-Max

     For the last 26 years, Suydam & Sons, owned and operated by Bill Magruder, has provided  unparalleled quality workmanship.  From the smallest custom garden shed, to custom built homes, seawalls, septic system and driveways, Quality is always #1.  We do it right the first time, and we don't cut corners.  Bill always takes the time to listen to what the customer wants, and he will take the time to walk you, the customer through the process. 
     As with our work, the earth products we sell are 2nd to none. From processed gravel to our quality selection of stones, you will find a great selection. Our loam is custom blended by us and therefore you will receive one of the richest loams money can buy.

  We carry Compost, Nutri-Mulch, and now Gro-Max These same products are used exclusively at the Coastal Botanical Gardens in Boothbay.

      We are more than happy to deliver to you, or you can come to our stockyard and we will fill you up

      Have a rock project in mind.  We have pallets of field rock, large rocks, and granite.
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